Pet Accidents


Pet accidents is a very common problem. Smelly urine absorbs into your carpets, furniture and floors, the odor and bacteria can cause health risks (not to mention embarrassment) if not located and treated properly.

If not treated within a few days, your pet will repeatedly use that area. Each time your pet returns to the same area, the urine penetrates deeper into the carpet fibers, padding and floor.

On furniture, urine easily absorbs into the foam padding and seat cushions. 


To treat stains and odors associated with pets, we offer a highly effective probiotic treatment. 

For severe damage, the floor is sanitized and sealed, both sides of the carpet are treated and the padding is replaced. 


When damage is done by clawing and chewing, repairs are often possible. 

We are a pet friendly family and exceptionally experienced with correcting every type of pet damage you can imagine. 

We specialize in pet odor removal, urine, fecal and vomit stain removal, and repairs due to clawing and biting.